Sunday, November 4, 2012


And do you know why? 
Because they give of their hearts, with their hearts. While the rest of us hang on fiercely to it and everything else which we think give us meaning in life or to our existence. We go to every extent to save it, protect it, prosper it, commemorate it, and marking it 'mine'. But nothing can do that. The stuff we gather through life is just stuff and will be left behind when it's time for us to go. Why don't we instead make this journey worthwhile? Why not try to create places in the hearts of others where we will be remembered not for what we have, but for what we are in the heart. Why not put aside race, color, or creed and the big social divide, just simply connect or reach out with our basic good which has been there all along just waiting to be called forth to do its job. God put it there, but we keep forgetting. 
We also forget that life as in love isn't until given away to serve the greater good. We limit ourselves by thinking 'inward' all of the time. When the biggest potential, adventure, joy, wonder, miracle, and blessing is 'outward'. The flow of life is ... outward not inward, self-less not self-more, giving not keeping, sharing not hoarding .... these are the stuff heaven allows and truly blesses abundantly. 
Flowers in the hands of an old wrinkled simple man is the true meaning of life. This is the key to open the gates of heaven. 


  1. This is so true and reminds me of the words my mother taught me as a very young girl, it is better to give than to receive. I never quite understood that when I was so young but find it to be so true today!
    Love Di ♥

  2. Yup, same lines I've heard from Mom too. Oh yes, youth is blissful... but older opens more doors to understanding and wisdom.

    Take care always.
    Hugs and prayers.