Monday, October 19, 2009


Have you seen the movie 'Rent'? It's a Broadway musical turned into a movie. If you haven't yet, then go see it or get the cd. You won't regret it.

"No Day But Today" is just one of the several beautiful songs in it. This one is on my list of all time favorites.

You know why? Because it tells me this...

No day but today...... follow your dream take dance lessons finish that book paint that masterpiece go sailing or canoeing get a sauna with your wife..or husband treat your kids to Disneyland be friendly to your neighbor who hates your red hair write to your congressman about misfits in the government give away your old stuff to people who might have need for it pray - and pray - and pray not just for yourself but for others too believe in yourself - there is only one you forgive and be forgiven sleep under the stars hug your parents and grandparents be kind to your household help be a friend in both good times and bad teach your child how to bike buy yourself a bouquet of your favorite flowers write that long overdue letter eat healthy foods and stay with it exercise regularly and stay with it believe in God not wait for a special occasion to give say thank you do a good deed say 'no' when you should say 'yes' when it's good get down from your ivory tower and get down to real life and true living plant a tree -- lots of it love and take care of Mother Earth recycle garbage not throw garbage into rivers and streams clean up your clutter listen to reason and good intentions get a job and not bum around anymore use your college education to better lives... yours and others

There's more, so much more. I'm sure that you have your own list too. No time like today for it.


  1. Dear Ellen,
    No day,but today i reached your post!:)the right day,i believe.:)
    today is important as
    to bring a smile on others' faces,
    to reach out the minds with low spirits,
    to love n take care of the aged,
    to make my AMMA feel that i'm there for my AMMA,
    to thank God for giving the bonus of an extra day,
    to express my happiness reaching your site,
    to share my friendship with an unknown friend,
    to be blessed with sincere love,
    to say only good words to all.
    an awesome location n i wish to spend my evening there enjoying the natural beauty.....
    have a great evening......

  2. Dear Anu,

    Welcome to my world! Indeed nothing like today to meet a new friend -- Anu! I find so many lovely thoughts in your list -- all coming from a gentle heart. May you be blessed with so much more as you brighten up others with the warmth of your friendship.

    God bless you and your AMMA.

    (I hope to hear from you again soon.)

  3. A sweet package...filled with life- be munched each moment of each's indeed today that matters(Reminds me of my poem: "Tomorrow I'm Gone")So inspiring...

  4. Hi Meshack/Awoken Soul,

    Delighted to see you! :-) Thanks for your visit and message. Have gone to read your poem "Tomorrow I'm Gone".... Beautiful!! Thank you.