Monday, October 19, 2009


I would like to do something here just so to let readers know that am very much around and blogging. This post is from the other blog. Am taking it here now and hoping that some would leave me a message or two to let me know they're there too. :-) Thanks.

It's quite easy to turn your back to the misery of others. But not so when misery hits you. Then you wish that friends wouldn't turn their backs on you.

-"Love one another as much as I love you." - I've heard this spoken so many times, read it a thousand times over. I have realized that none can be more truer than this. God in His magnificent love has given us all of the earth... land - sea - air... under our care and management, for our living joy and pleasure. And too each other to love and care for. Every individual does not stand alone no matter how he says he does and can.. or tries. For no man is an island, each one is dependent to and on another for many different things. I need you as much as you need me. So how is it that we can't... love?

Love will turn the tide. Believe coz it's been done for ages, by many, in different circumstances, with the smallest or greatest of hearts and hands. Love breaks down all barriers -- real perceived imagined.

Don't make it difficult for yourself or for the next guy beside you or for the rest of the world. Love... and you will make a reality your and everybody's wish that the world were a better place . It'll start with you, me, them, us.


  1. Thanks for dropping by on my blog.
    Nice post. You know, love and compassion can solve almost any problem. It's as important to love oneself as much as loving others!

  2. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I have yours. Great insights! I am now a follower
    God Bless, Bob

  3. Hi Rambler! Nice to see you. Thanks for coming by with your interesting comment. :-) Hope you have a pleasant day!

  4. Hello Bob! Yes, I enjoyed your blog (on that link) and am following it. Thanks for your lovely visit. May God pour out blessings upon you and your loved ones.