Saturday, February 9, 2013


Let's see this.....

From -- Freaky Facts (Hinkler Books Pty Ltd 2009) --

"It was widely believed in the Middle Ages that the heart was the center of human intelligence."

Psychology-wise or anatomy-wise we know where it is, by design. But curiosity now dictates me to ask what if you believed just like them in the Middle Ages that it is indeed in the heart, how would you rate your past decisions or experiences or encounters or deeds? We have always regarded the heart as the core of our feelings or emotions. But many people consider the heart as dumb with regards to problem solving. Yet if it was the intelligent heart which moved you, how would you have fared with it?

Just a playful thought as I flipped through this small book and stopped at page 136 for this freaky fact.

Oh! one more thing before I go on with the rest of my God-blessed day, God looks to the heart........ HE doesn't care about how brilliant or intelligent or witty we think ourselves to be in our minds or puny brains. But if we respond to HIM intelligently with our hearts, don't you think that would make GOD smile lots? We may have been missing this all along -----  The key to HIS HEART is right there in our hearts.

Have a wonderful day, everyone. Tons of blessings await you. Just open your eyes. Think with the heart  :-)


  1. Blessings....
    Love that quote, it is so true, though at times we want the things we hold closest to our hearts to visible.


  2. Lovely to see you, Rhapsody. How are you? Good I hope. Wow, you got a lot going on here online. I come by your interesting blog whenever the writing sets me free. :-) Blessings to you and yours.

  3. ur blog is very interesting and i enjoy reading it!Good Heart finds GOD!...thanks alot for ur motivating comments.GOD<3U

  4. Hello Adhi,

    A pleasure for me to see you here. Delighted that you consider my blog a good read. Thank you very much. And thank you for your comment.

    And just so you know I think your blog is a gem in the special niche you have created for yourself .. a delight cruising down the posts.

    Blessings to you.