Sunday, May 20, 2012


Haven't posted in here in a long while. Here's one now which I am bringing here from the other blog the point of which is to solicit prayers for someone. Please read on. And thank you.

My friend (won't tell her name) bemoans the difficult life she lives. To her it seems like life is nothing but one struggle after another. She eats trials for breakfast... strife for lunch... and misery for dinner. She's up to here with the turbulence of a misery blotched existence. To quote her.

Gosh, that does sound so gloomy and depressing. I sat there listening to all her woes; she needed to get it off her system or I would guess she would explode. But she's still here standing and waking up every morning maybe without the smile that we should be giving the start of the day.. but she's up just the same. To face her battles once more I suppose.

That's courage, whether she knows it or not. And maybe somewhere there inside her small frame is a tiny spark of hope... maybe still believing that someday she will find relief to all her troubles. She won't tell me,  but when I see her look out afar with her sad eyes I can sense the faint ripple of hope in those otherwise sweet brown eyes.

Because she believes in God. She prays maybe harder than we do. Probably shedding buckets of tears alongside it. But she prays.  I love her for that, admire her even more.

This brings to mind a beautiful song by songwriter Thomas A. Dorsey in 1932....

"Precious Lord, take my hand
Lead me on, let me stand;
I am tired, I am weak, I am worn;
Through the storm, through the night,
Lead me on to the light
Take my hand, precious Lord, lead me home."

You know in truth, we're all so much like my friend at some point or another.

May I request you to include a tiny prayer for her... and for every person on this planet who is going through the same challenges and troubles of life... for us all...  to put their hands and our hands in the Lord's --- "The God Of All Comfort".

Blessings and do have a truly blessed day.


  1. I will pray for your friend Ellen. Sometimes life can bring many sorrows and strife along with it. But I've always found that through Faith and prayer, all things are possible. I pray that your friend will see some light soon. And it's nice to see you back again. Love Di ♥

  2. What blessed joy to be in someone's prayers! She will truly be uplifted in knowing that one or two or maybe more are praying for her.

    Thank you, Diana. And it's nice to be back and much more nicer to see you as first to welcome me back. Delighted!!

    Blessings to you and your lovely family.

  3. We have taken up the Cross, Thou hast laid it upon us and grant us strength that we bear it unto death. Amen! (Imitation of Christ)

    May the Lord bless you ever and ever.

  4. That's a beautiful prayer, Sandeep. WELCOME to the blog!

    Blessings to you and your family.

  5. I Pray for her. I just went through both of your blogs. Your writings are really crispy and crunchy- very delectable indeed.

  6. had a complete visit of both yopur blogs- crispy, crunchy, pointed and delectable writing

  7. I just visited your blogs. Really crispy and crunchy writings.

  8. Hi Jagdish,

    Am so delighted and honored by your visit in both my blogs. Even more glad that you appreciate the writings in there. Thank you very much.

    Wish you tons of blessings in your day.

  9. your blog is beautiful :)


  10. Since I am so late on this blog, Ellen, I hope your friend is doing fine now.. Prayers for her..
    Thanks for your comment on Uncle Jack's blog. Glad to meet you online..

  11. Since I am so late on this blog, Ellen, I hope your friend is doing fine now.. Prayers for her..
    Thanks for your comment on Uncle Jack's blog. Glad to meet you online..

  12. Welcome to the blog,Punam. :-) Thank you for your concern. She is fine. Prayers truly do wonders to people's lives.

    Truly my pleasure too to meet you. I should be thanking Jack for this too. :-)